Editing Text strings (CTSS, STR# and TTAs resources)


CTSS edit window
Edit window for catalog text strings

The catalog text strings can be edited for most Roman alphabets. Editing of non-Roman alphabets is not supported. You can also edit the comment fields, although they doesn't show up in the Buy Mode catalog. In a cloned object these fields often still refers to an earlier object title and description.

This might be a good place to personalize your object.


STR# edit window
Default edit window for text strings

The following text strings can be found in STR# resources:
  • catalog text strings for wall and floor files
  • bodystring skin references
  • animation references
  • dialog box text
  • variable names

  • Walls and Floors

    Wall and floor files do not have CTSS or OBJD resources; their catalog description and proce are stored in STR# resources.

    Objects and Characters

    Character files define their default skins in STR# resources and uChr resources. The Edit button for these resources will bring up a special bodystring edit window. If you need to edit part of the resource which is not listed in the bodystring edit window, hold down the option-key when clicking the Edit button to bring up the standard text string edit window.

    bodystring edit window 1
    Edit window for bodystrings before locating the GameData/Skins folder

    Once you tell IFFSnooper where to find your GameData/Skins folder, this will activate the the popup menus. The popups list appropriate matching downloaded .cmx and .bmp files from the Skins folder. They do not list files within .far files.

    bodystring edit window 2
    Edit window for bodystrings after locating the GameData/Skins folder

    Use the popup menus to select new textures or cmx references. If the selected .bmp file is outside a .far file, you will see a texture preview.

    bodystring edit window 3
    Edit window for bodystrings with texture preview

    Some default Maxis skins are listed for convenience in the default buyable pop-up menus, but no bitmap preview is available. Only .bmp files outside .far files can be previewed at this time.

    bodystring edit window 4
    Edit window for bodystrings with popup menu

    Other STR# resources

    Other editable STR# resources include animation references and dialog text. The animation references should only be edited if you are sure that the new reference will match an animation in your game.


    These are the text strings used by TTAB menu resources. They can be edited just like regular STR# strings.

    TTAs edit window
    Edit window for menu text strings with Hide other language choices selected

    A note about Text Encoding

    Text encoding refers to the way that text characters get stored on a computer. If if you look closely at IFF file text in the main tab panel listing you will seethat accented text often appears to be mis-spelled. This is because the file data for the Sims 1 game is stored using a PC text encoding standard, but the main tab panel displays it as if it used Mac text encoding. The IFFSnooper edit window converts the file data so that you don't have to worry about encoding while you edit. Any changes you make are saved back into PC text encoding automatically.



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