IFFSnooper main window

intro screen

The IFFSnooper main window showing the first tab panel, with the IFF fileheader and a list of component objects overlaid on the raw file data. The other tabs list resources which may be displayed in more detail.

What are all these resources?

IFF header defines the file as a valid IFF file
rsmp section the resource map that tells where everything else is
OBJD section data about the object (cost, category, etc)
CTSS section Catalog text strings in one or more languages
DGRP section draw group resources that define where sprite images go
SPR2 section sprite image resources
SPR# section more sprite image resources
PALT section palettes used by the sprite image resources
BMP_ section Windows BMP format bitmaps; used in catalogs and thought balloons
FBMP section Windows BMP format bitmaps; used in some .flr floor files
STR# section text strings (animation names, alerts. etc.) in one or more languages
uChr section text strings used in .FAM files
TTAs section pie menutext strings in one or more languages
TTAB section binary menu data
other resources not on the main tab panel - these are most often binary data

The original SPR2 format was first documented at www.simtech.info (link no longer in service).

Many thanks to Greg Noel for working out the SPR# and TTAB resource formats.

resource map
The rsmp tab shows the resource map data included with the IFF file, if present.



What are these resources?

Making new IFF files

Making Floor Tiles

Making Walls

Editing OBJD resources

Editing the GUID

Editing text strings

Editing draw groups

Editing sprites

Editing menu resources

Editing other resources