Editing other resources

Hex data

Resources not listed on the tab panel can be viewed in the Hex Data window.
Hex data can be viewed as single or double byte values or in decimal representation.
The Duplicate button adds a copy of the current resource to the object.
The Edit Resource button brings up an edit window if available.
This button name will change according to the resource being viewed.
The Export Hex button exports raw hex data for the current resource as a text file.
The Export Log button exports a text file listing all the resource data that has been viewed.

Career data

Most career data is stored in CARR resources in the Careers.iff file or work.iff file, depending upon the game version

Select the CARR resource from the resource pop-up menu in the Hex Data window,
then use the Edit CARR button to bring up the CARR edit window.

CARR edit window

The following values in the CARR resource are editable:

The car codes are defined in the CarPortal.iff file.
There is more information about the CARR resource format, including the uniform syntax here.

Numeric resources

Hex data window
View of a SLOT resource in IFFSnooper 1.2.4.

The following resources, containing code or numeric data rather than visible text or graphics, are editable via the Hex Data window as of version 1.2.4:

BHAV resource editing can be quite complicated but there are some notes here.

If you renumber an OBJD resource via the tab panel window, the matching OBJf will be renumbered automatically.

The following resources can be viewed in a more readable format than raw hex data, but are not editable at this time:



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